Officer Responsibilities


  • Develop club vision, mission, goals

  • Plan year of events

  • Delegate tasks accordingly

  • Lead officer meetings

  • Book rooms for general meetings and study sessions

  • Provide support for all officers


Vice President of Programs

  • In charge of items pertaining to AED-exclusive affairs

  • In charge of Shadowing Program and Medical Student Mentorship Program

  • Provide support to other officers


Vice President of External Affairs

  • Coordinates tours for members at WISH (UWSOM Surgery Pavilion)

  • Communication with TPR

  • Assists with planning of Pre-Med Expo

  • Provide support to other officers


Outreach Chair

  • Take meeting notes at officer meetings

  • Create “meeting slips” with upcoming events to be distributed at general meetings

  • Plan and execute club-wide social events, target 2 per quarter

  • Primarily in charge of maintaining social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

  • Post about upcoming events

  • Post/repost/share interesting articles

  • Help plan officer bonding events, target 1 per quarter (work with President)

  • Provide support for all officers



  • Deposit membership fees

  • Keep track of funds and budget

  • Coordinate t-shirt/quarter-zip orders

  • Order food/waters for meetings

  • Get gift cards and thank you cards for all speakers ($5 Starbucks), and ensure they are received

  • Apply for funding for large events:

    • Wells Fargo

    • ASUW Special Appropriations

  • Provide support for all officers



  • Update the website with News & Events, new blog posts, meeting PowerPoints, etc

  • Send weekly digest email on every Sunday night and post to website (under News & Events)

  • Manage, forward, and reply to AED emails

  • Maintain both Google calendars

  • Send PR emails to departmental listservs (when applicable)

  • Miscellaneous PR activities (will work with President on this)

  • Make PowerPoint slides available on the website after meetings

  • Provide support for all officers


Philanthropy Chairs

  • Set up and manage regular philanthropy events

    • Encourage members to attend

  • Work with organization of focus

  • Provide support for all officers


Membership Chair

  • Oversee and organize Officer Mentorship Program (Big/Little Program)

  • Keep meeting/event attendance records

  • Update membership status on attendance spreadsheet

  • Keep records of membership (chapter and national)

  • Submit National Membership applications to the national headquarters

  • Provide support for all officers