AED's Thanksgiving Week

Hey Premeds,

This is going to be short email as we don't have much going on with AED this week with Thanksgiving coming up! The email contains allot of information on opportunities and upcoming events with AED. Also, try to attend the Pre-Health Affair if you can Today!


The Pre-Health Affair will be held Monday, November 23rd from 6-8pm (TODAY) in the HUB Lyceum. The theme is the "Hollywood Ball" and all members should come out in order to meet students from other Pre-Health organizations, have fun playing games, and win raffle prizes. Make sure to bring a hygiene item to this event as a donation as well!

Physician Shadowing Program:

It's time to apply for the shadowing program!!! In order to qualify for the program, you need to have attended five AED events by Friday, December 11th. You are also committing to attending five events per quarter for the rest of the year. The actual application will be due on Sunday, December 13th at 11 pm. The application will go live this Tuesday and you can begin to fill them out. We will post the link on both the Facebook page and our website. The review process is blind, so we will make our decisions based on the quality of your essays and the time you put into the application, not by your name. If you have any other questions that cannot be found via the website, feel free to contact Rachel[].


Bryant Science Fair Mentor: Winter Quarter 2016

When: 1 session per week for 7-8 weeks, 1:35 - 2:45pm

  • Mondays, Jan 4th - Feb 29th (7 sessions)

  • Fridays, Jan 8th - Feb 26th (8 sessions)

Where: Bryant Elementary School 3311 NE 60th St. Seattle, WA 98115

Description: As a Scientist Mentor, you will develop and lead a project related to your field of expertise. Once a week, you will meet with your small group of 4th or 5th graders to work on your science project and guide students in the most important parts of the scientific process: formulating a question or hypothesis, developing appropriate experiments with controlled, manipulated and measured variables, analyzing results, and drawing/communicating conclusions.

Please include the following information about yourself:

  • Academic year/major at UW

  • Volunteer experience with young people plus any leadership experience

  • Which day you are available to volunteer- Monday or Friday

If you are interested in this volunteering opportunity, please email Ann Marie Patterson [] and cc our philanthropy officer, Donovan [] .

Upcoming events:

5th General Meeting:

We will be having our Fifth General Meeting on Tuesday, December 1st from 6-7 pm in GWN 301.The theme of the meeting will be Volunteering. We will be hosting several organizations to give you ideas for volunteering.

Gingerbread Hospital Building Social Event:

Just an early reminder for the Gingerbread Hospital Building Social Event is on December 3rd from 6-7 pm in SAV 131. Its a perfect chance to showcase your artistic skills or candy eating skills. Take a break from studying, put on your best ugly sweater, and have some fun with other premeds.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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